Support & FAQs

We have created this web page so you can quickly find useful answers to common MP3 Louder related questions. Should you have a question that is not present here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you store the MP3 audio files in the server ?

Yes, after the MP3 audio file has been optimized it is saved in our web server for few hours, so you can download it, and then it is automatically deleted. You will not be able to download the same optimized MP3 file the next day, for example.

Can I use this web service at work or at home for free ?

Absolutely yes, you can use this service anywhere and from any device. This is a completely free service and you can freely use it at work, in your office and at home. Share our website with your friends to help us become more popular.

Will this service make my MP3 song play worse ?

No, this service makes sure to accurately increase the volume level of the uploaded MP3 audio file, using the best parameters in LAME, without losing the audio quality. Of course, you should not increase too much the volume level.

What is the maximum file size allowed to be uploaded ?

You can upload MP3 audio files of up to 500 MB in file size, but you should take in mind that, based on your Internet connection, it can take some time to upload a 500 MB file on our web service. You need a good upload speed to send big files.

What kind of audio file types are supported ?

This service supports only MP3 audio files, mostly because MP3 audio files are very popular and small so they can be quickly uploaded and converted through this web service. Other audio formats, such as WAV, are not supported at the moment.

Can I close the web page during the upload process ?

No, while you are uploading the file on our web service you should not close the web page, else the uploading process may be interrupted. This service does not show a progress indicator, you need to maintain the web page open and wait.

How long does it takes to optimize the MP3 file ?

It mostly depends from your bandwidth speed and from the size of the MP3 file you want to upload. A small MP3 file of 5 MB can take few seconds to be uploaded and optimized, but a MP3 file of 30 MB may need few minutes to be processed.