About Us

MP3 Louder is a completely free service started on August 2014 that you can use to easily and quickly increase the volume level of MP3 audio files online. It can be used by any user, even beginner users, due to its simplicity and it works in all modern web browsers, without the need to install any third-party software. This web service makes use of The LAME Open Source MP3 Encoder Project to get additional information about MP3 audio files and also to optimize the MP3 volume level.

Low Volume

Most of the times when you download an MP3 audio file from a website or from YouTube, the volume level is low or very low and you may need to boost the volume level in order to better listen the MP3 file via portable MP3 players. MP3 Louder can help you to do exactly this: you can accurately increase and boost the volume level of any MP3 file without losing the original audio quality.


But you can do more with MP3 Louder, infact you can also select various pre-defined volume levels to quickly make the MP3 song louder, and you can also select to edit all the channels, only the left channel or only the right channel. The volume level of the MP3 files is enhanced in an intelligent manner, the service tries to maintain the audio quality while increasing the volume level.